The Agenda

The enterprising leaders, entrepreneurs, and compassionate givers who dot Africa’s landscape confront enormous challenges. One billion people (most of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa) live on less than $1 a day. Malaria, a treatable and preventable disease, claims a million lives a year and afflicts 500 million people. The sub-Sahara also claims two-thirds of worldwide adult HIV cases and 68 percent  of AIDS-related deaths, according to 2010 statistics. Biological research facilities in East Africa harbor Ebola, Anthrax and other unknown diseases in water bottles that could potentially offer life-giving cures, but could also easily end up in the wrong hands (see report).

Nevertheless, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are committed to Africa’s prosperity. From securing biological research facilities to cultivating citizen-to-citizen development The Agenda highlights best practices in the areas of relief and development, healthcare, and security